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How it All Began

 Sa Bom Nim Saltamacchio (Master Ray) received his Black Belt in 1992 from TM Kim Karate in Stone Mountain, GA under the direction of Kwan Jang Nim TH Kim and his father Chong Jae Nim TM Kim. Soon afterward Sa Bom Nim Saltamacchio moved to Eatonton, GA where he opened his own Photography Studio. Missing his martial arts training he started teaching the art of Tang Soo Do part time to children. His dream was to someday open his own Martial Arts School dedicating all of his time helping others. 

In 2008 Sa Bom Nim Saltamacchio's dream came true when he went from teaching part time to opening a full time school along with his wife Brenda. 

Sa Bom Nim Saltamacchio's passion for improving physical fitness, mental discipline and spiritual strength is apparent in every class he teaches. He has been a positive influence in the lives of many and takes a personal interest in each student and their family. His ability to reach children and adults alike has earned Saltamacchio's Tang Soo Do Karate a reputation as the best martial arts school in the area. 

His focus on Respect, Confidence, Discipline, and Vision has made him one of the most sought after martial arts instructors in Georgia.

Come visit us at Saltamacchio's Tang Soo Do Karate for a tour of the school and to meet Master Ray and his staff. Stay to observe a class, speak with our parents in the lobby and see why people just like you become members of our Tang Soo Do Family.

Tang Soo Do

What is Tang Soo Do

Tang Soo Do is a Korean Martial Art founded by Grandmaster Hwang Kee in 1945, but whose roots are centuries old. It is a system that combines the superior kicking techniques of Korean Arts with the circular hand techniques of various Chinese systems. Therefore Tang Soo Do is considered both a "hard" and "soft" style of martial arts.

Tang Soo Do is more than just an effective system of self-defense, it is an art that if taken serious will help change the practitioners entire life. Through consistant dedicated training the Tang Soo Do student will learn more than just how to protect themselves. They will learn how to improve their Mind, Body and Spirit. Regardless of age, gender or size Tang Soo Do has something for everyone. 

Tang Soo Do has something for You!

Grandmasters Tong Mun Kim & son Grandmaster Tong Hwang Kim are my Instructors

Pictured L to R are Grandmaster Tong Hwang Kim, Grandmaster Hwang Kee & wife, Grandmaster Tong Moon Kim 

Meet our Staff

Certified Instructors


  • Master Ray received his Tang Soo Do Black Belt in 1992 and currently holds the rank of Master Instructor. Master Ray & his wife Brenda own the school.

  • Mr. Austin (far right) started training with Master Ray in 2007. He currently holds the rank of 3rd Degree Black Belt and is a Certified Tang Soo Do Instructor. 

  • Mr. Dillon (center) started training with Master Ray in 2008. He currently holds the rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt and is a Certified Tang Soo Do Instructor.

Modern Studio

Centrally located at Lake Oconee our school is easliy accessible to those living in Eatonton, Greensboro, Madison & Milledgeville, GA.  

Our 2500 square foot school has a private parent observation room with comfortable chairs and a rest room, It also has water, coffee & tea available should you get thirsty while you enjoy watching your child taking their lesson. Our training room (DoJang) is furnished with the lastest in Martial Arts Training Equipment. We are constantly upgrading our equipment and just upgraded our matted floor in the fall of 2018. We even have a Pro Shop full of Martial Arts Gear and Supplies for all your needs

Our Philosophy

Why should you train in martial arts?

Each one of us have goals we want to reach and things we want to accomplish. For some it is to lose weight, others train for fitness and fellowship and for others it is all about Self-Defense. Whatever the reason you are considering martial arts traing we believe it is our purpose to help you achieve those goals. 


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Little Dragons

 Our Little Dragons Program has been specially designed for children ages 4 to 6. This class is set up on a eight week rotating curriculum where we are teaching life skills. ​ Here are the 8 main life skills that are taught.  



Each Class begins with the students sharing positive things they have done that day. Then we bow in (showing of respect) to begin the class and practice a few minutes of meditation. This is followed with stretching, exercises and running (kids love to run). Now it is time to work on the "Life Skill" of the week. As we work our way through each segment of the class we are constantly encouraging the students to do their best. At the end of each class the students are presented with a belt tip stripe which they have had to earn by doing their best.

Our Little Dragons Program Reinforces Your Family Values

Many of the same concepts you are teaching your child at home are consistently reinforced through classroom discussions.  Topics such as "Good Manners", "Self-Control", "Showing Respect for Yourself and Other's", "Following Directions the First Time" and more can be heard being discussed on any given day.


 Our Tigers Program has been specially designed for children ages 7 to 12. This class focuses on all aspects of martial arts training both physical and mental.  Students learn the 5 Tenents of Tang Soo Do and how to incorporate them into their everyday lives. 


Martial Arts is much more than learning how to punch and kick. The main focus at our school is RESPECT. Respect for themselves, Respect for others and Respect for everything around them.

Students begin each class by bowing into the DoJang, signing in, changing into their DoBahk (uniform) and then stretching to prepare for class. While students stretch they are also visiting with other martial art friends sharing the events of their day. At this time we also ask each student to share something positive from their day.

When it is time for class to begin students line up in rank order where they Salute the United States Flag, Bow to Instructors and Recite the Student Creed. They also spend a few minutes in meditation clearing their minds in preparation for class.



I intend to develop myself in a positive manner and avoid anything that would reduce my mental growth or physical health.

I intend to develop self-discipline in order to bring out the best in myself and others.

I intend to use what I learn in class constructively and defensively and to never be abusive or offensive

Once class begins students stretch, exercise & run to warm up before starting the days lesson.  Lesson's may be a combination of Kicking and Punching Drills, Kata's (forms), Self-Defense Skills, Bully Defense, Stranger Danger, Leadership Skills and more.

Students are required and responsible for learning required material which they are tested on for Rank Promotion.

Teens and Adults

 Our Teen and Adult Class focuses on all aspects of martial arts training both physical and mental.  The teens enjoy being in class with adults as they are more mature now and take class much more serious. Adults enjoy being in class with the teens as they enjoy being good roll models for the teens.

Our Teen and Adult Class start the same way as our other classes with a formal Bow In, Reciting of the Student Creed, Meditation, Stretching and Exercise. Then students practice the skills (Punches, Kicks, Self-Defense, Kata's) required for their rank. Class ends with a cool down period and formal Bowing out.​

Family Class

 In our Family Class students that are at least 7 years old can train alongside Teen and Adult students. This class was started so families could all train at the same time allowing them to all get their training in without having to spend all afternoon at the DoJang. This leaves more time for homework and family time at home. It also brings a family closer together being able to train with each other. 

We have a saying:

"Families that Kick Together Stick Together".   

Black Belt & Masters Club


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