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At Saltamacchio’s Tang Soo Do Karate we are a family, and our school is bound to become our students’ second home. We are a judgment-free zone, where mistakes are viewed as growth opportunities and your instructors and fellow students are your #1 supporters. You’ll learn a lot of impressive skills and gain many new abilities at Saltamacchio’s Tang Soo Do Karate, but the most important thing you’ll acquire during your time here? Our community.

Saltamacchio's Tang Soo Do Karate


Here Saltamacchio's Tang Soo Do Karate, our staff is the secret to our student success. Each instructor has a rich background in martial arts and is eager to train the next generation of martial artists. Meet the team below!

Owner and Master Instructor

Master Ray

Master Ray received his Black Belt in Tang Soo Do in 1992 and currently holds the rank of Master Instructor. Since then he has earned Black Belts in two other arts.

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Certified Instructor

Mr. Dillon

Mr. Dillon now attends Kennasaw State University where he also heads up their school Martial Arts Club. Since starting in the fall of 2021 he has helped grow the school’s Martial Arts Club from only a handful of members to now over 40 members.

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Assistant Instructor

Mr. Hayden

Mr. Hayden started training with me in 2013 and now holds the rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt

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Assistant Instructor

Mr. Wyatt

Mr. Wyatt started training with Master Ray in 2011 and now holds the rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt.

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How it All Began

Master Ray’s Martial Arts Training

Sa Bom Nim Saltamacchio (Master Ray) received his Black Belt in 1992 from TM Kim Karate in Stone Mountain, GA under the direction of Kwan Jang Nim TH Kim and his father Chong Jae Nim TM Kim. Soon afterward Sa Bom Nim Saltamacchio moved to Eatonton, GA where he opened his own Photography Studio. Missing his martial arts training he started teaching the art of Tang Soo Do part-time to children. His dream was to someday open his own Martial Arts School dedicating all of his time to helping others.

Passion for Teaching

In 2008 Sa Bom Nim Saltamacchio’s dream came true when he went from teaching part-time to opening a full-time school along with his wife Brenda.

Sa Bom Nim Saltamacchio’s passion for improving physical fitness, mental discipline, and spiritual strength is apparent in every class he teaches. He has been a positive influence in the lives of many and takes a personal interest in each student and their family. His ability to reach children and adults alike has earned Saltamacchio’s Tang Soo Do Karate a reputation as the best martial arts school in the area.

His focus on Respect, Confidence, Discipline, and Vision has made him one of the most sought-after martial arts instructors in Georgia.

Come visit us at Saltamacchio’s Tang Soo Do Karate for a tour of the school and to meet Master Ray and his staff. Stay to observe a class, speak with our parents in the lobby and see why people just like you become members of our Tang Soo Do Family.

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